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I, Claudia: Monday Morning in Bavaria

Tune in to hear how different Monday mornings are from your town or city as Claudia makes her way to work in her Alpine splendor in Bavaria. Some things may...

Russia and the West After Navalny

The death of Russian political activist and freedom rights campaigner Alexei Navalny stunned the world for its open brazenness at the hands of Vladimir Putin and his government. There is...

Germany’s 2023 State Elections: Right and Wrong

In her recent point of view episode about the recent German elections, Claudia Koestler, Senior Editor at the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany’s leading national daily, comments on the significant rise of...

BBC Radio Kent: Dan Harris Comments on Michael Johnson (R-LA), the New Speaker of the House of Representatives

Over Here, Over There podcast host Dan Harris discusses with BBC Radio Kent’s Steve Ladner the election of a new Speaker of the House, (R-LA) Michael Johnson. ‘Finally, the nightmare...

BBC Radio Kent: Dan Harris Comments on Joe Biden’s Trip to Israel

Amidst the turmoil following Hamas’s brutal attack on Israel, President Joe Biden traveled to Israel to show US support for its close ally and try to reduce tensions amongst the...