Credits and Recognition

Over Here, Over There, like other sites, benefits from the extraordinary and creative work of musicians, artists, photographers and others who provide their work, in part, free of charge to build awareness of their talents and dedication to their craft. In doing so, we look good and appreciate those who help make this site what it is. We would therefore encourage all our viewers and listeners to patronise those who have allowed their works to be used on these website pages and express our sincere thanks not only in the languages above but from our hearts as well.


Roger Winkler Design

You've seen our logo on our website, social media channels and everywhere else we can put it. We rely a great deal on the image and message it sends forth to the world about our podcast, which we're very proud of. It was done by New York designer and Art Director Roger Winkler. He's also Dan Harris's old mate who he's relied on to produce stunning designs and artwork for a number of projects and companies. His insight regarding what makes an organisation tick and expressing it through design is simply unsurpassed. The beers that Dan owes him are infinite. Thanks once again, Rog.

Web Development


This website felt like it was idling in second gear until Chris Davis, Director of ChrisDProjects, turbo-charged the development, shifting it through the higher gears with aplomb. His professionalism, creativity and perseverance were just some of the talents he brought to bear that made it happen. Most importantly, he was a downright pleasure to work with . He got behind the project as if it were his own, and for his many talents and commitment, we'd like to say many thanks.

Pink Elephant Media Design Agency

We also would like to thank Henny Maltby and Chris Davis (a different one) of Pink Elephant Media, who helped get us on our way in the initial stages of web development. A very busy and first-class design agency as well. .


Pleasure Bombs

Food plus Sex equals Nature '10%' (3 mins. 12 secs.) The Pleasure Bombs were a Berlin band in the 1990s that played in clubs and eventually to large stadiums in the northeastern US. One of their main tracks, '10%', has great social and political lyrics that capture the age and still have relevance today. A growing bass line leading into a slamming drum beat and an overarching melodic chorus, '10%' is one of those tunes that shows the band's talents from the start. Charles Harris's pithy, edgy lyrics followed by an uninhibited skat lift the soul and make you want to celebrate something. Anything. Simply a great, cool, joyous tune. Band: Lead vocal: Charles Harris Brian Bell, Bass Jason Lazo, Bass Chris Hammond, Guitar Andrew Harris, Guitar Correna Brown, Vocals Chris O'Rouke: Keyboard Produced and engineered by Andrew J. Harris, Recorded at Alpha Wolf studios and Fort Apache, Boston, MA.


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