We’re tackling the buzzworthy topic of cannabis legalization in Germany. Grab your preferred chill beverage and join Claudia! Cannabis in Germany has a long history, from its hemp heyday in the 1920s to its criminalization in the 1970s. Fast forward to 2017, medical cannabis was legalized, and as of April 2024, small quantities for personal use are allowed. The new law aims to curb the black market and ensure quality, but don’t expect Dutch-style weed shops—Germany’s sticking to cannabis social clubs and other limited channels. Opinions are split, but one thing’s clear: times are changing, and so might our society. What about Claudia? Does she avail herself of this new freedom? Tune in and find out.

Claudia Koestler is Senior Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany's largest quality newspaper, and is co-host of the 'Over Here, Over There' podcast.