According to a recent New York Times article, dual citizenship is the new ‘gotta have’, and many people across the world are seeking a second or even a third to improve their life chances. In this very dynamic, globalised world, gaining another citizenship is promoted or restricted depending on the political, economic and social trends within each country and across the world. Whether it’s the pandemic, Brexit or people becoming aware of greater advantages dual citizenship would provide elsewhere, there’s been a massive increase, in some cases ten-fold, since 2015. It’s a hot topic that needs discussing

Host and multi-passport holder Dan Harris is joined by fellow podcaster partner and single-passport holder Claudia Koestler, Senior Editor of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich, along with a panel of dual-citizenship holders Lee Egan, Barrister at Citadel Chambers, Eva Tunez Salvador, Director of Genuine Translations and co-founder of Local to Global, and Dr. Tom Lorman, Lecturer at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. 

In the podcast, we discuss:

  • The reasons for obtaining another citizenship
  • The process of applying and obtaining citizenship
  • The history of citizenship and migration in certain countries
  • Pros and cons of an additional citizenship
  • Which citizenship would the panel keep if they could retain only one

It’s an entertaining and informative listen to five personal journeys in the realms of citizenship that you don’t want to miss. If you ever thought of adding another citizenship for whatever reason, you’ll gain insight and knowledge that our panelists have to offer which will help you decide.

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Dan Harris is an international marketing consultant and Director of HymnSheet Ltd., based in the UK and Europe. He co-hosts the 'Over Here, Over There' podcast and appears on BBC radio and other broadcast media.