Photo Credit: OHOT Society and Culture Looking at how we interact across countries and regions. Photo Credit: OHOT Monologues Brief perspectives from co-hosts Claudia Koestler (I, Claudia)
and Dan Harris (Dan’s Take Five).
Photo Credit: National Cancer Institute, Unsplash Health Comparing health systems across the world. Photo Credit: Ibrahim Rifath, Unsplash Travel Discussing the benefits of visiting and
participating in other regions and countries.
Photo Credit: OHOT Panel Discussions Engaging discussions with leading professionals and
commentators across the world.
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in an increasingly globalized world.
Photo Credit: OHOT Education Highlighting the importance of international education and comparing learning systems in different countries. Photo Credit: OHOT History Understanding our past and its impact on today.

Over Here, Over There (OHOT) brings you engaging conversations with leading commentators from around the world to discuss how we see others and others see us.

Check out our latest episodes below:

I, Claudia: Will the UK Lose Its (Elgin) Marbles?

Having something for long a time one could start thinking, rightly or wrongly, that it is yours. The Elgin Marbles, also known as the Parthenon Marbles, are Greek sculptures that...

Study Abroad: The Key Differentiator

Travel broadens the mind, they say. Combined with study, it provides an incredible opportunity for personal development and forms a powerful differentiator in one’s career and life, including the benefits...

I, Claudia: Get Up, Stand Up in Germany – Or Not?

The rise of extremist movements throughout the world is nothing new. However, their power and influence in Western democracies is particularly startling, especially in the bastion of such a stable...

I, Claudia: Monday Morning in Bavaria

Tune in to hear how different Monday mornings are from your town or city as Claudia makes her way to work in her Alpine splendor in Bavaria. Some things may...

Russia and the West After Navalny

The death of Russian political activist and freedom rights campaigner Alexei Navalny stunned the world for its open brazenness at the hands of Vladimir Putin and his government. There is...

German Words – The Long and The Quirky

‘Life is too short to learn German’, said Oscar Wilde. And even for a native German speaker, it does have its challenges. Over Here, Over There podcast co-host Claudia Koestler...

There’s No Place Like Heimat

‘There’s no place like home’, said Dorothy in one of the most famous final lines in cinematic history in The Wizard of Oz. The concept of home has intrigued writers,...

Giuseppe Dell’Anno: Great British Bake-off Winner and Beyond

Over Here, Over There’s special guest has risen from relative obscurity over the past three years to be recognised by fans across a crowded New York City street. Such is...

I, Claudia: Welcome Back to Bavaria – Or Is it Rudeland?

In this episode, Claudia Koestler considers the ‘Over Here, Over There’ aspects of politeness and kindness in Germany relative to her experiences abroad. She provides three anecdotes that highlight the...